My dishes reflect my childhood, my mom, the spirit of products as they are,
the spices, the simplicity of cereals, everything genuine
that in nature reveals in its essence.



and “direct”


No more than
4/5 ingredients



is the goal


No salt,
only to correct

Cremoso al latte cotto, croccante di burro e noci, gelato al miele di erbe balsamiche 2


Art for
the eyes

Where you can find me:

Via Fioravanti 4
20154 – Milano


Via Fioravanti 4
20154 – Milano


Via Garibaldi 37
20831 – Seregno – MB


Largo Bellintani 1



Località Forte Cappellini,
07021 Baja Sardinia,
Arzachena OT


Giancarlo Morelli, born in Bergamo in 1959, always knew what he would have been when he grew up. After graduating from the hotel school in San Pellegrino Terme, he set out on his own personal and professional adventure, travelling to the US and to France to gain experience and to take his palate and his work leading, star-rated restaurants. With the benefit of this experience, he set sail across the Pacific Ocean as executive chef on the “Pacific Princess”.

In a short time he became a consultant for several Italian restaurant companies around the world, and in 1981 he embarked on his own entrepreneurial path, managing different eateries until 1993, when he opened the Pomiroeu in Seregno, in the wider Milan area. Through the years, the results of his work has been recognized and he has received a great number of certificates of esteem and awards. In 2010, he won the “Riso Gallo, Risotto dell’anno” risotto of the year prize, and stood on the winners’ podium at the “Sandwich Club Contest”. In the same year, Giancarlo was the only Italian representative at the “Perù Mucho Gusto”, food and wine festival, and participated in the “Chef’s Cup”, the event which promote the haute cuisine, sport and lifestyle.

The surprises never end with Giancarlo Morelli in the kitchen: creative and impassioned, he shows what he really is, a pure person, with an extremely fine palate and sophisticated taste, a chef who never forgets his past and his origins, a generous man who stays faithful to his genuineness. A well-researched technical cuisine, which conveys love for quality products and strictly follows the seasons, in the respect of mother nature.

The varied gastronomic offer follows the chef’s inspiration. Ingredients have to be fresh, simple, spontaneous. He takes care of his customers and their health, together with the whole staff offers an unforgettable experience with professionalism and quality.

In Giancarlo Morelli’s culinary philosophy the ingredient of rice is considered as the food of his heart: “I believe that rice, with its basic elegance, is a precious raw material – a bit like a stunning rough stone that only reveals its true potential and value when it is skillfully crafted.” In 2011 , he was at Alicante for the international event dedicated to rice, ‘Tunnel del Arroz”.

Thanks to these experiences he became well known in the world of haute cuisine: he has been invited to take part in major international events like “Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia” in Spain and, together with Massimo Bottura and Aurora Mazzuchelli in Lima’s “Mistura 2012”, the most important culinary congress in South America. He was selected by Bulgari and San Pellegrino to present the firm’s new label at the “Wine&Food Noble Night” in St. Petersburg. In November 2016 he has cooperated with the Italian Ambassy in Georgia, Tbilisi, for the “Italian Kitchen Week in the World”. With Nobert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti he developed CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days, the project which brings together chefs and people from around the world who all share a common vision: a new, innovative, sustainable and ethical approach to food.

Giancarlo has qualified for a Michelin star with the restaurant Pomiroeu and it has been added to the “Associazione Le Soste” restaurant owners’ circuit. He is member of Euro-Toques Association and is one of the directors of “Associazione Ristoratori Golfisti” (the sports-minded restaurateurs association). Chef Morelli’s mentality is always spreading, in summer 2014 began the summer experience in Sardinia, with Restaurant Phi Beach. In 2015 introduce Food Studio Giancarlo Morelli project in  Forte dei Marmi (Tuscany) for the Restaurant L’Orsa Maggiore. In April 2016 opens Trattoria Trombetta in Milan, an informal location where is possible to find Giancarlo Morelli’s gastronomic vision.